"Is It Reasonable To Believe In God?"

OCTOBER 7-10 2018


Shane Carrington-Sulfur Springs, TX 

Shawn Chancellor- Amarillo, TX

Bruce Reeves-Conway, AR

Tyler Sams- Longview, TX


SUNDAY 9:00 AM- "The Integrity of the Bible"- Tyler Sams

SUNDAY 10:00 AM- "Living By Faith In A Skeptical World"- Bruce Reeves

SUNDAY 2:00 PM- "The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus"-Shawn Chancellor

SUNDAY 3:00 PM- "Biblical & Extra Biblical Evidence for God & Creation: Part I"- Shane Carrington

MONDAY 7:00 PM- "Biblical & Extra Biblical Evidence for God & Creation: Part II"- Shane Carrington

MONDAY 8:00 PM- "Morality & God: Harmonizing Theism, Morality, & Suffering"- Bruce Reeves

TUESDAY 7:00 PM- "The Canonicity Of Scripture: How Did We Get The Bible?"- Tyler Sams

TUESDAY 8:00 PM- "The Outcomes of Atheism & Theism"- Shawn Chancellor

WEDNESDAY 7:00 PM- Q&A Session and Congregational Singing