Bible Classes

Bible Classes

One of the jobs of the church is the teaching of the Scriptures. When Christ gave the Great Commision (Matthew 28:18-20) he commanded to go out and to teach all nations. A Bible Class is an expedient that allows the church to do its authorized work of teaching. Among evangelists and elders within the local church there are also teachers (1 Corinthians 12:28, Ephesians 4:11). Saints are edified through the teaching of the word of God (Acts 20:32). When Paul came to Ephesus he called the elders, not the whole church, together to teach them (Acts 20:17). Aquila and Priscilla used a private study to teach Apollos about the error he taught (Acts 18:24). The church is the foundation and support for the truth (1 Timothy 3:15).

We have bible classes for all ages. These classes meet on Sunday morning before worship service and then again on Wednesday night for a mid-week Bible study. All of our visitors are welcome to attend our classes and we would encourage you to do so.


Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
07/14/19 Mark 3 Xavier Redmon N/A Sun PM 7-14-19_PM_Mark_3_Class_Xavier_Redmon.mp3
05/08/19 What Makes A Family? Chuck Durham N/A Sun PM 5-5-19_PM_What_Makes_A_Family_Durham.mp3
07/09/17 Ethiopia Report Bob Owen Summer 2017 Meeting Sun Bible Study 7-9-17_Ethiopia_and_Scotland_Report_Bob_Owens.mp3
03/05/17 Honor & Respect Pt. 1 Tim Norman Honor & Respect Gospel Meeting 3-5-17_AM_Honor_and_Respect_Pt.1_Norman.mp3
03/16/16 WEDNESDAY SINGING (FC) Other N/A Singing 3-16-16_WED_SINGING_FC.mp3
01/18/15 Angry Words Tim Norman N/A Gospel Meeting 1-18-15_AM_Class_Angry_Words_-_Norman.mp3
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