Weekly Bulletins

Weekly Bulletins

The Old and The New



The place where we have been worshipping for the last ten years can now be officially called the “old auditorium.”  Today, as we move into the “new auditorium”, let’s take a moment both to reflect on the past and to ponder the future.


The “old auditorium” is much larger than the “old, old auditorium” where we met for worship next to the fire station.  When that transition was made ten years ago, the elders stood before us and exhorted us to go to work.  “Roll up your sleeves, go to work, and someday we will fill up the auditorium”, was the plea.  How many of us really thought that “someday” would be this soon?


What does the future hold?  It is fitting that our first Bible study in the “new auditorium” will include Zechariah 4:6.  “So he answered and said to me: ‘This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.”  Zerubbabel was being assured that the temple in Jerusalem would be built and finished by him.  It would not be because of human strength, however, but by the power and the grace provided by God. 


It is not because of our own might and power that we were able to build and to fill the “old auditorium.”  The “new auditorium” has been built and we are determined to fill it.  Let us look to God, continue in prayer, consult His Word and abide in it.  No obstacle will be too big for God (Zechariah 4:7).


Mike Pittman